We offer a variety of services being an agile business enabler that provides fully integrated end-to-end business solutions, tailored to each customer’s needs & requirements, through high performance technological solutions consisting of secure custom software and premium infrastructures.

Integrating Solutions

We offer fully intergrated end-to-end agile business enabler, providing fully integrated end-to-end business and technology solutions, in order to maximize an organization’s efficiency and profitability.

Tailored Technology Solutions

We develop tailor made innovation focused technology solutions,targeted to meet each customer’s needs and requirements, optimizing the relationship between software and hardware resources of the company.


We provide of secure communication solutions to the highest classification level meeting the highest requirements of government & corporate enterprises, through Cyber Tunnel security architecture and the use of encryption algorithms & keys.

All of 7L’s security solutions are based on the Secure CryptoTunnel (SCT), a unique security architecture based on state of the art technology, which provides a very high level of security, integrity and availability, meeting the latest international standards and safeguarding all transmitted information during communication and storage.

SCT is developed entirely by 7L and consists of a series of interconnected modules that jointly provide a security fence around all sensitive transmitted and stored information. Its components include the following modules:

  • Encryption keys generated by truly random key generation tools, stored in tamper-proof Hardware Security Modules (HSM) developed and produced by Securosys
  • Linux based hardware design
  • AES256-bit symmetric-key encryption algorithm
  • Full customer control of administrative procedures, to ensure operating responsibility remains with the customer.

Customers include government and international organizations as well as a range of non-government organizations, financial institutions, transportation, hospitality and industrial enterprises.

System Overview

7L SCT provides a secure solution that meets the ever increasing need for privacy and confidentiality within government and military mobile communications. 7L SCT creates highly secure network tunnels over internet or any other private network (transit network). Using such a tunnel, any kind of transmission can be highly secured; protecting it from any kind of attempts to steal the information transmitted and assures confidentiality and privacy. We deliver a mobile solution with built-in end to end and real-time encryption of all voice, chat, SMS, email, photos, and data file communications utilizing trusted elliptical curve cryptography on top of a hardened OS and running on a high quality device (Smartphone, Tablet or Notebook) with modern hardware security features.

7L SCT has been built with security in mind and utilizes the latest technology. The security of 7L communication solutions is founded on four basic principles:

  1. Secure Mobile Device: State of the Art technology
  2. Hardened OS: Easy to use Android – custom ROM, no Application store access
  3. Advanced Cryptography: AES256 cryptography
  4. Customer Control: Infrastructure installed on customer premises (option to host in Cloud)

7L SCT and its infrastructure can be provided in modules or turn-key, with all software components delivered, installed, provisioned and serviced along with both administrator and end user support. Hardware can be supplied by the customer or delivered by 7L (optional).

All services are accommodated on High Availability Clusters, designed and operated by MassiveGRID, an affiliate of 7L International, in secure leading-class Datacenters (Equinix) around the world with proven 99.99999% measured availability, which by default are offering at least N+1, up to 2N redundancy configurations to all power supply related elements, guaranteeing power supply on all computing, storage and network elements, which is essential for service availability.

High Performance

We provide high performance technological solutions that consist of secure custom software platforms and premium infrastructure, utilizing both existing and evolving structures of an organization, aiming to optimize organizational performance.

Business Software

We provide high performance intuitive tailor made software, with minimal learning curve for the client’s human resources. The software is designed to increase businesses productivity & competitiveness, guaranteeing interconnectivity and fast response solutions for all platforms.

Mobile Apps

We develops high performance, tailor made software, designed for iOS, Android and Windows phone platforms, excelling in functionality and speed that emanates for the specific design, implementation and operation process that it offers.


Offering of specialized and tailor made solutions in organizing, building, promoting and operating business/commercial electronic transactions that cover an entire spectrum of e-Commerce.

As internet technology has evolved over the years, it has also influenced the boundaries between "conventional" and "electronic" commerce which have become increasingly blurred, as businesses commercial transactions rely more and more on electronic transactions for their products/services.


Technology infrastructure is designed and developed as a service, guaranteeing business continuity and performance for the companies/organizations.

7Linternational’s extensive experience in the field of high availability cluster design and architecture, is supporting technology infrastructure that is designed and developed as a service, guaranteeing business continuity and performance for the companies/organizations.

Improve IT

7Linternational guarantees the design & implementation of the best available technologies for various industries, targeting both existing as well as newly developed IT applications.

Continuous R&D of innovative solutions has lead to technologies that increase the reliability of systems operations (mainly through the development of High Availability Architecture), the deployment speed of new systems and the scalability of the existing ones.