About 7L International

"We provide Business Systems based on each client’s requirements, Delivering exactly what each client wants, the moment the client wants it."

7L International provides fully integrated, end-to-end business solutions, tailored to each customer's needs and requirements. Client driven specifications, maieutic methodology and expert usability/UX results, allow us to act as business enablers rather than as simple IT product developers.

  • Complete top-down understanding of technology, covering the entire pyramid of SaaS-PaaS-IaaS and thus, offering turnkey business solutions
  • Building high performance fast response, intuitive software with minimal learning curve for the client's human resources
  • Improving the User Experience of any existing system through custom UI's
  • Integrating IT systems and platforms under a common interface improving productivity
  • Representing visually the customer's Management Systems in an efficient way
  • Extracting valued information from the customer's data repositories and presenting it the most suitable way for the customer

It's all about:


Project efficiency and positive impact on customers is achieved through performance that focuses on keeping goals relative to costs, time and quality.


Project development experience guarantees seamless integration of new technologies and systems development, assuring problem-free integration for project stakeholders.


Delivering value to customer, as quality constitutes a paramount importance, is achieved through integration of technology and methods by creating new standards for producing competitive and high-quality products.


Adapting the projects to early delivery, available financial resources, and human resources constraints, is essential in order to meet customers’ expectations.

Ability to Learn

Lifelong learning process allows for constant advancement and training of interpersonal skills in order to manage the most challenging projects, delivering the optimal outputs.

Ability to Evolve

Evolving knowledge & know-how through global & challenging innovative projects with increased complexity and many interdependencies are key value drivers for enterprises.

Safety and Reliability

S&R is achieved through integrated multidisciplinary actions by developing the required tools, methods and procedures, and design and use of unique architecture security modules.


Communication and collaboration with project team members & stakeholders constitute important contributions to the optimization of project efficiency and profitability.


Predefined set of developed internal systems & methodologies, ensures and guarantees the optimized use of pre-defined resources, delivering successful state of the art products.


Standardized cutting edge procedures provide consistency & continuous improvement in project execution, assuring consistency in project understanding, communication, reporting and KPI’s measurability

7Layers Solutions

Proposed solutions are inspired by the development of the Open Systems Interconnection (OSI) 7 Layer model, and as an agile business enabler, provides cutting edge tailor made technology solutions.

Indicative Clients